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Lead contamination in drinking water

A recent outbreak of lead contamination in the tap water at five Perth schools, raises the question, how safe is your water?

We all know lead is harmful for your health. Precautions should be in place to avoid lead poisoning in all instances but discovering that water left unused and stagnant presents health issues, means you should be looking for commercial plumbing services in Perth.

Lead in your drinking water is not acceptable. After this discovery, bottled water was swiftly distributed to combat the outbreak at surrounding schools as they awaited their independent lead testing results.

Education Department Director General, Sharyn O’Neill, commented saying, ‘any taps with inconsistent results will be off-limits to students and staff while further testing is undertaken.’

The contamination is the result of water left stagnant in pipes, and any water left unused for an extended period can cause health problems. Contact MI Plumbers and we will do the rest.

MI Plumbers offer sample testings where we will quickly, affordably and accurately, provide you with results about the safety of your water. Keep your employees safe by providing suitable drinking water from clean pipes.

We have extensive experience across all aspects of plumbing and plumbing maintenance, and offer fast, efficient health checks for your plumbing systems.

For peace of mind, call MI Plumbers, the most professional commercial plumbers in Perth, today on (08) 9204 5511 and make sure your plumbing is up to Australian Health Standards.